The Journey of Designing Physical Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box

The overall process of Moku-moku physical box design is not very lengthy compare to the signature Moku-moku colourful and fun graphic design. And yet, we try to bring in more fun and value to our customers on the growing mushroom experience.

Mervin and I have spent quite some months to create and fine tuning the physical box design Moku-Moku DIY Mushroom Box, Moku Box. It started off with the a very simple box.

The Moku Box:
This is the prototype 0, the initial draft that are printed with A3 paper. We printed it out so that we could have the "feel" of holding it in physical form. It is the initial process for further improvements.
Moku DIY Mushroom Box Prototype 0
Moku Prototype 0

After that, we sourced for suppliers. The thickness, textures, toughness of the box are some of the requirements that we take into considerations.

After received some samples from suppliers on the different materials we had the Moku Prototype 1, the thickness, textures, and toughness of the Moku box we have today.

moku-moku design prototype 1
Moku Prototype 1

The Mushroom Ears:
The initial Moku Prototype 1 is quite simple. It is a simple box which host the mushroom soil-bed bag. At the box closing top, it is nothing more then just an "I" shape, which we felt that we can do something about it. We might be able to put some fun and creative element on it.
moku-moku box prototype 1
Moku Prototype 1
While Mervin and I were brainstorming what to do with it, Mervin as usual, the creative guy, came out an idea of putting a mushroom shape at the side, and whoala, Moku-moku has its own beautiful mushroom shape ears. It is simple, clean cut design and makes Moku box more attractive! Excellent! 

(The mushroom ears designs are so famous that a lot of competitors copycat our design!) 
(They copycat our graphic designs too! *will discuss Moku graphic design on next post)

the mushroom ear design
the famous mushroom ears design

The Moku bottle:
Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box comes with a water spray bottle. It is designed exactly to the size for our palm to hold it comfortably. 

These are some of the samples while we were researching for the best fit bottle for Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box. After selecting a few bottle designs, we approached the suppliers, and we finally got secured our bottles order from a supplier from Guangdong, China.

(To be honest, suppliers from China has more varieties and much cheaper than Malaysia's!)

samples of bottles while designing the Moku-moku box
Samples of bottles while designing Moku-moku box
Then we thought that its tiny size might easily be misplaced or lost by the Moku growers. So we have to think of something that would attach the bottle with the box. 
round moku-moku top fit-in bottle design
Round bottle fit-in design Prototype 1
There is a holder on top of the box for carrying from place to place. We thought of we might be able to utilise it to hold our bottle. So, instead of square or rectangle shape, we design a round shape and the size is just fit to hold our bottle. Hitting 2 birds with a stone, awesome!
moku top round fit-in bottle design
Moku Round Fit-in bottle design
The Moku Bookmark:

tear out panel as bookmark
Tear-out panel as Moku bookmark
The front panel needs to be tear off in order to grow mushroom from the soil-bed inside. It will be wasteful if the panel is just to be used one time. And we discuss, "We have got to think of something that make it more useful."

Growing mushroom
Growing mushroom

After a short discussions, we finally had the idea to give the one-off-tear panel a second life. We to design it to be a bookmark! Furthermore it can help Moku growers to keep records as growing diary.
Moku Growing Diary
Moku Bookmark as growing diary

The Moku bookmark can be tightly secure at the Mushroom ear.
Moku Bookmark
Moku Bookmark

Mervin and I gave a lot of thoughts to make sure the product itself can be fully utilised to reduce waste. Please do read the previous post by Mervin
on how we recycle by-products and create green mushroom business.

As mentioned at the beginning, while we were busy designing and finding suppliers for Moku physical box, we still do not have a clue on the colourful graphic design we have today.

Next post we will tell you more on our journey on designing Moku-moku graphic designs.

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  1. Inspired by the steps and entrepreneurship value, as i am studying on Entrepreneurship!! Bought a set of two as a sign of support!!!!

  2. Inspired by the steps and entrepreneurship value, as i am studying on Entrepreneurship!! Bought a set of two as a sign of support!!!!