Moku-moku @ Yosakoi Parade in Penang 2014

We were happy to be in the Yosakoi Penang 2014 event where we Moku-moku TEAM get on field and get connect with the public. The 2nd Penang Yosakoi Parade was held on Saturday, March 1st 2014. The inaugural event held this year was hugely successful (*do you know that the whole organizer team is housewife except one working man) having attracted over 350 dancers and paraders, 70 stalls and 15,000 visitors during this one-day event held in the Esplanade and along Beach Street.
Mervin and Sean that wearing Jinbei and introducing the Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box to the public.
The Yosakoi Penang Parade theme  is “FESTIVALS” and featured dances and attractions representing festivals of Japan, as well as some of Penang’s famous festivals. The parade showcased the cultural diversity, depth and breadth of festivals that are being celebrated on the streets, in both Japan and Penang.
Meanwhile, we felt very happy to interact with the Penang Lang that were very excited and curious about our Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box. We still can remember some of the common questions that they asked like:
“What is that? So cute!”
“It is real or palsu punya?”
“Is it edible?”
“How many times I can grow?” and many more questions.
Besides, as the Yosakoi Penang was held at the Esplanade where a lot of tourists visited the events a lot of them wanted to buy from us.
Through the event, we felt very happy with the public response, curiosity, excitement, joy about our Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box  and eager to share more about ourselves to the public too.  
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