The Making of Moku-moku's Graphic Design

We are lucky to be able to meet a talented designer,  Leong EngKit, through a mutual friend. The graphic design is pretty much single handed designed by him and we did little changes for the design. 

Mervin and I input the demographics that the products are focusing on, the growing experience, the message of the Moku-moku wants to emphasis on, the information we wish to show our customers. 
These are some of the work-in-progress drafts and prototype:

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Moku-moku together with WWF, USM and etc as Co-organizers in Penang Green Carnival 2015

Moku-moku feel proud to be the to together with  WWF (the international conservation organization), USM (Malaysia only APEX university) and etc as Co-organizers in the coming Penang Green Carnival 2015.

Do you know that, Penang Green Carnival (PGC) will be the 5 times organized in Penang? The Penang Green Carnival is an annual event by the Penang Green Council. The carnival aims to create awareness and develop the growing interest among the public towards a greener and more sustainable living. The event seeks to influence everyone to inculcate green behaviour. 

This year the carnival, happening on 13 to 14 June 2015 (Sat to Sun), at 1st Avenue (Lower Ground Floor) Penang island, from 10am to 10pm,  is focusing on food and how our lifestyle choices can affect the food system and environment. With the theme "Make Our Food Last", the carnival will be a fun and exciting event. It will feature a series of awareness programmes, games and competitions, exhibitions, talks and discussion forums, and many more. 

Moku-moku agreed to be one of the co-organisers for Penang Green Carnival is due to Moku-moku and Penang Green Carnival shared almost same mission which is to inspire consumers to green and sustainable living.  Moku-moku still crafting the activities that aligns with the the Make Our Food Last. Below is a quick pre-view what activity that Moku-moku will be carried on that day is the "Waste to Food" Challenge. 

Moku-moku Waste To Food Challenge in Penang Green Carnival 2015
Moku-moku Waste To Food Challenge in Penang Green Carnival 2015

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When is the The Best Time to Harvest Your Moku-moku Oyster Mushroom?

A lot of our fans had fun growing Oyster Mushroom from Moku-moku Box. They carefully cut the opening, relentlessly water it 2-10 times a day, and got excited when they start to see mushroom buddings coming out of the soil bag.

But very often that they missed the right time to harvest the crop, and it became overgrown and unable to cook and eat it. 

Thus, the right timing for harvest is very important. There are 3 growing stages of mushroom examples below:

1. Immature Stage:
The Mushroom stem is long and the cap is small. You will need to wait for another 6-10 hours for it to become mature.

2. Mature Stage:
You can see the Mushroom Cap is significantly bigger. This is the best time to harvest it for fresh and delicious dining experience.

3. Overgrown stage:
If the mature mushroom is not harvest within 4-8 hours, it became overgrown. The edges of the mushroom cap has become uneven. The mushroom starts to lose moisture in it and it eventually dried if it is not harvest.

So guys, remember to monitor the growing stages of your mushroom. It can happen so quickly as mushroom grows from buddings to mature stage in just 24-36 hours.

Once you harvest it, turn it into your favorite delicious dishes. For me, I would opt for crunchy fried oyster mushroom.

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