If we were to have a Moku-moku Beauty Contest

Ladies and gentlemen,
babies and elephant,

Welcome to the International Moku-moku mushroom beauty competition!
It has been an exciting day
and the panel judges were having a difficult time choosing the winner.

Now is the time to announce the winners.

First, in the forth place, we have Annie's, Ho's, Nick's, Evon's, Goon's, Yeni's, King's, 欣's. 

Annie's white cluster
Ho's mischievous twins
Nick's Blaster
Evon's sweetheart forest
Goon's Lagoon
Yeni's Goreng goreng
King's Trumpet
欣‎'s Forest 

Coming up next, we have the 2nd runner up. Lingyee's, Elaine's, Mecci's, Sean's and Sara's!! A big round of applause to them. They have worked really hard to come up with shapes and design that are unique and fun to look at.

Lingyee's snow white
Elaine's elegant brown
Mecci's Hibiscus
Sean's Wrinkle Wonkle
Sara's Studio Bloom

Next, our first runner-up goes to....
(drum rolls...)
Khor's Wave of Glory, Jack's Invasion, and Soo's Grey Giant Orchid
Khor's Wave of Glory
Jake's Invasion
Soo's Grey Giant Orchid 

And the winner of 2015 Moku-moku Beeeauty Contest goes to.....
(drum rolling....)

Nicole's magnificent sunflower
With the length of 13.5cm, it has outgrown most competitor.
It looks elegant, tall, and classy.
No wonder the judges couldn't take their eyes off her.
Congrats again to Nicole!
(crowd thundering cheer and applause...)
Nicole's Magnificent sunflower
 Well, that's all for Moku-Moku Beauty Contest 2015! See you next year!!!!
A big thanks to our platinum sponsor Moku-moku