Improving our visual instruction.

Every time we order new printing for Moku Box, we will go through a process of improving the visual and the artwork. This round, we focused on improving our instruction on the box. Only slight changes here but it is a crucial one. Can you notice it?

Before                                        Improving                                Passed QC checked.

Yes, you might have realized it by now, there are two changes highlighted here. There are two instructional image here, top and bottom one.
1) The top one showing watering day and night time is not obvious. Well you can water it more than 2 times. The objective here is to keep the box moist at all times.
2) To keep it moist, the opening shouldn't be large. Just a cut across the soilbag (again refer to top one), without opening the plastic. Mushroom will push themselves out of the plastic. It is that simple!

We had customers opening up the cross wide open and eventually the mushroom wasn't able to grow because it has dried up. It's sad not able to see them grow. We would like to prevent it!

Lastly, here are some recent testimonial posted on our facebook page from our dearest customers.

Photos credit to: Melody
Photos credit to: Siew Fung

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Growing Moku mushroom in Japan!

Thank you Nakabaru-San for sharing her Moku experience in Japan. She got her box around October last year, and grew her very own Moku-moku grey oyster mushroom in her research room in December. I thought the mushroom wouldn't have made it because of winter but it bloomed like a miracle! 

#mokumushroom #miracle 

MaGIC: Stanford Go2 Market Program. Inspiring Entrepreneurship Learning and Encounter

So excited to wake up early morning at 6am on a Sunday and took bus all the way from Penang to Putrajaya Sentral and public to MaGIC.
Welcomed by the great MaGIC people and got to chat with a few first met entrepreneurs during the welcoming lunch.

The 1st day was awesome with activities and discussions that triggered me to re-think and re-design my own business model through the Design Thinking process and the Business Model Canvas. The day ended with Alumni that shared their journey after program till now (after 1 year) which achieved great growth in their venture.

I felt so delighted when I knew I was being selected based on criteria and being 1 of the 50 ( there are 200+ applicants) to be part of the program.

That made me woke up early and be the first to reach MaGIC before dawn and be the first participants at there. And true enough, today was overwhelmed with new insights, great sharing from entrepreneurs,,'s People Department Manager and etc.
Besides, one surprise and touching scene of the day is that one of the participant's wife came and throw a surprise birthday celebration to him and he cried. So sweet.

18 March marked the final day and the end of the Stanford Go 2 Market program 2016 organized by MaGIC after pitched to the judges/panels. The program was really impactful as being coached by great Profs and the team from Stanford.

Besides, even greater is that, I able to met with real exciting and passionate entrepreneurs with great start-ups. The interaction, sharing, discussion and relationship will definitely being cherished.
Let's keep fighting and Go2Market, together!


Jian Ming
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)