Lingzhi Mushroom

Greetings mushroomers,

Month after making the pink mushroom infograph, I'm back to work on Lingzhi mushroom and turning it into an info-graph. It's a rather simple one. Here you will see how interesting Lingzhi can grow. But there is a catch! It takes at least 2-3 months to grow one so patience is required if you want to try growing Lingzhi (for shortcuts, you can try grey oyster mushrooms).

If you successful grow some of them, but first you will need to buy some here.
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Looking forward to seeing your very own Lingzhi Bonzai.


Beautiful Food

Another usual morning Mushroom harvesting. It feels great to see all mushrooms flushes at the same time!

Do you know that the average days for mushroom to grow? It is around 5 days! From nothing to fully grown mushroom ready to harvest.

I’m grateful to our mother earth to be able for us to grow such a beautiful and delicious food.