Moku-moku Box, How it is made.

I was at the cardboard factory to collect our newly printed Moku-moku DIY Box. I was curious on how the box was done and the boss is kind enough to show me how it is made :)

In order to turn a one piece of cardboard into the Moku Box, they create a cutting mold. It is made of hard wood with blades attached on the edges of the shape of Moku Box.

The backside of the wooden mold 

This is the front side of the wooden mold

 The sharp blade is in between the white sponge. It ensures the smooth cutting of the cardboard. 

Closer look at the Bookmark Panel
The bookmark panel part of the mold. Some parts of the blade is not sharp as some edges are meant to fold instead of a clear cut.
Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box Wooden Cutting Mold

The Wooden Mold is inserted into the cutting machine then pre-printed (with Moku-moku colourful designs) cardboard is fed into the cutting machine. The cutting machine pressed the cardboard into the cutting mold, and Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box is created. 

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