Coming to Japan has made me lazy!!

Coming to Japan has made me lazy!!
Knowing that a lot of packaging will be sorted out and recycled, I've opt out of environmental consciousness and opt in to convenience.

Like Japanese folks, I do separate my wastes. PET bottles into yellow bins, paper waste into red bins, empty cans into blue bins. But come to think of it, the amount of waste I generated a week is as much as this Taiwanese dude here.

I stumbled on his video on facebook a few weeks ago. Didn't really bother. But until I saw his 2nd video today, I realized I was making a terrible mistake. I put my reusable chopsticks (from TzuChi) and bento boxes to dust. Felt so shameful that I have to write this blogpost to remind myself how ignorant I was. Check out his video below of a week living consciously and deliberately trying to reduce his waste. It might cost him some inconvenience but looking at the result he made, it is mind blowing! KO! Mervin! 

Well I'm not here to convince you to be like him. Taking 50% of his effort would be very helpful for our mother Earth. I think I can make less trash. Would you like to join me?

Co-founder, Moku-moku.

p/s: Penang Green Carnival is here. It will be held on 23th and 24th of July in Sunway Carnival Convention Centre, Penang. If you are around, come and join us. We are giving out 100 Moku Boxes via lucky draws, food art competition, and waste to food quizzes. Don't miss it.

Big mushroom

It's huge!! Thanks to our customer for the post.

And yes, with some luck, occasionally you will get to grow mushroom like this. All nutrient concentrated in one mushroom. 
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