Double The Joy Mission: Bring Joy to Your Loved One and St Nicholas' Home, Penang

Few months back, I had this opportunity to represent an NGO and shared about it’s story with St. Nicholas' Home,Penang (founded in 1926).  At that time, I got to know more about St. Nicholas' Home, how they operate and learned that what St Nicholas' Home is doing is very meaningful and impactful. St Nicholas' Home mission is to provide education, training and employment opportunities within a caring environment, thus empowering blind and visually impaired persons to fully participate in society while helping to promote the prevention of blindness.

Here a short video about St. Nicholas' Home, Penang

By chance, by luck, a few weeks back, Moku-moku received an order from St. Nicholas as they like the idea of Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box and enjoyed the experience of growing their own mushroom.

We would like to create an unusual Christmas experience for them this year, with the support from you! We are planning to build them a mini mushroom farm in their Home, the mushrooms grown can be part of their diet and hopefully they can be sold the surplus and get some income to support the high daily operation cost of the Home.

We called this mission as  "Double The Joy". And how it works is that for each Moku-moku Box purchased during Christmas season, we will give one mushroom growing kit to them, so the joy you shared is DOUBLED!